July Patch Club

July’s Patch Club is based on the Squirtle Squad! Continuing my recent trend with Pokemon inspiration from the games and anime I grew up with, I picked the Squirtle Squad because they were one of my favorites in the show! To receive this patch, make sure to pledge on Patreon for the Patch Club tier before the end of this month!

June Patch Club

June’s patch is inspired by Miltank, because why not? I love the blue used in shiny Miltank’s design, so I created a fake logo for the farm in the Generation II games to feature it on! To receive this patch, make sure to pledge on Patreon for the Patch Club tier before the end of June!


June Patreon Patch Club: Flick

I’ve started a Patch Club for my Patreon, and Flick is the official first patch to join the lineup! Pledge at least $10 or more before the end of June, and you’ll receive a Flick in the mail~

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