Last updated on April 6th, 2022. Square has been added as a payment method option, and the “Character Designs” section has been included.


  • Payment is taken upfront for all commissions. A commission will not be started until full payment is received.
  • Payment must be made via PayPal, Square or credit/debit card. Alternative payment methods may be considered if discussed with me first.
  • Payment plans can be discussed, but are not guaranteed. The payment plan will require a downpayment upfront (typically 30-50% of the total depending on the price), and the rest can be paid over an amount of time that the commissioner and myself agree upon. Your plush will not be started until the payment plan has been paid in full.
  • Payment plans will not exceed 2 months except for extremely rare circumstances.
  • Commissions are considered non-refundable once they have been started.
  • Quotes are valid for three months. If it has been longer than three months since you inquired about a commission, please double check with me to see if prices have changed.


  • Quoted turnaround times depend on payment factors mentioned above. For example, if I quote you a certain date that your plush will be completed by, but your plush is not paid in full for several weeks afterwards, then the turnaround time/ETA has likely changed.
  • I will work on commissions in the order that I choose. The order is typically based on a first fully paid, first served basis. However, this is not always the case depending on my personal schedule, my current commission list, and materials on hand.
  • You will be notified when I order the fabric for your plush (if I do not already have fabric available), and when I start working on your plush. Occasionally these updates will be in the form of edits on my Trello, so be sure to check that post for any changes before messaging me for an update.
  • I will send at minimum 1 WIP image while working on your plush, and 1 image before handsewing all final parts together. You can ask for one round of alterations at each of these steps for no additional charge, so please make sure that you clearly explain any and all adjustments you’d like at those stages.
  • If you approve a part of your plush (i.e. the face embroidery on the first WIP), but then ask for alterations after giving approval, revisions will be charged at $10 per round of additional revisions.

Character Designs

  • I am fine with character designs from established franchises, as well as original characters.
  • Plush of “official” characters are not exclusive to the commissioner and can be re-made for future commissions/sales. For example, if you commission a Lucario plush, I will possibly re-make that plush in the future since I archive that pattern. If you would like exclusive rights to a plush, please discuss this with me first.
  • Original character designs will not be made for other buyers unless the owner of the design gives explicit approval.
  • I will not copy a preexisting plush or pattern from another artist. Please do not send me a photo of another artist’s custom and ask for an exact copy of it. If you are requesting a plush based on a drawing from another artist, I need that artist’s permission to use their artwork before I can accept your commission.
  • If your commission is based off of an OC, please be sure to have reference photos of at least the front, back and sides of your character. The more visuals you can give me about your character, the better!
  • If your commission requires a reference sheet, this must be submitted when paying for your commission. Minor alterations to the reference sheet before I start your commission will be accepted, but major changes and/or color alterations will incur additional charges. I highly recommend that you are sure of the design you want to commission before you submit a commission request.


  • Plush will generally be mailed in a box or mailer depending on size. I use USPS by default.
  • You are responsible for shipping charges, which will usually be added to your commission price once an invoice is sent.
  • If you are international and need special requests on how to ship your plush, please let me know before you commission me so I can make accommodations.
  • Tracking is included on all domestic packages. Insurance is an additional cost; please ask for it before receiving an invoice.
  • I only ship to the address attached to the PayPal/Square payment when you pay for your commission. I am not responsible if this is an incorrect address.
  • I cannot be held responsible for any customs taxes or charges that occur from receiving the commission in the mail. If your package is returned to me due to not paying these charges, you will be required to pay for the second shipping process.
  • If your package is returned to me for any reason that is not due to an error on my part, you will be required to pay for the second shipping process.
  • Returns will not be given if your package is returned to me. It will be held until the second shipping process is paid for.


  • I will not accept commission requests that involve extreme violence, vulgar themes, etc. I essentially only do SFW plush.
  • I have two dogs who do not play directly with my sewing materials, but are often in the same space. If you have allergies to pet dander, I would only ask for a commission at your own risk. I keep my work space as clean as possible, but I cannot guarantee that the dander doesn’t travel through the room.
  • If you need a plush by a certain date, please let me know before commissioning so I can make arrangements! This may occur a rush fee.
  • If I contact you with photos of your plush commission and do not hear back from you, I will attempt contact via a secondary contact method if possible. If contact cannot be established, the plush will be held with me indefinitely until contact is re-established with me.