I’m located in Wisconsin, but originally from Rhode Island. I like to make cute and playful objects, and plush making is how I accomplish that goal. I’ve loved making things and drawing ever since I was little, but I did not start making plush until Spring of 2015 as part of a Pokémon gift exchange. I have been doing commission work and attending conventions as an artist ever since!

I use plush making as my way of connecting with other people, and also to find ways of expressing my own thoughts and feelings through how I represent different characters. I attend various conventions along the East Coast as a vendor, so I can meet fans and fellow artists in person. I want to be able to bring any person’s vision of a character to life through my plush work, which is why many of the pieces in my gallery are previous commissions.

When I’m not sewing, I am typically playing video games, taking care of my dog, or doodling new ideas. I’m also studying to become a dog trainer!